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Two Faced is an islander living on Vineland Island, although she has also been seen on the Corrupted Island as well. As one of the somewhat normal islanders, Two-Faced has become one of the most popular islanders on the island, even to Vinny himself.


Two Faced is a popular Mii that can be accessed through QR codes online, Vinny may have gotten her due to her obscene appearance.


Two Faced was the third resident to be introduced to Vineland Island. Vinesauce intended for her to be a frequent character and soon decided for Two Faced to be Vinesauce' sweetheart. However, during Vinesauce' first confession to her, she rejected him.

Later, she confessed her growing affection for Walrus, sparking envy in Vinesauce. He actively sought ways to sabotage their relationship and to punish Walrus, including placing Walrus in a jail cell. Karl Pilkington attempted to confess his affection for her, but the confession was interrupted by Vinesauce. After demanding her choice between the two of them, Two Faced rejected them both.

Later, Two Faced soon formed a relationship with Donkey Kong and began an affair. Walrus spiralled into a depression and Vinesauce redeemed his actions by helping Walrus overcome his grief. From this moment, Vinesauce concluded that Two Faced was to blame for their romantic troubles.

Following these events, Two Faced's attitude became much more dark and sarcastic.

In the final episodes, Two Faced was voted by fans as the fourth Mii to be removed from the island. Despite conflicting opinions of the character and being the second longest resident, Vinesauce had Two Faced and Vlinny battle in Super Smash Bros. Vlinny was victorious and Two Faced was removed from the Island.

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