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Vlinny is farting.

Vlinny is a kinnie, however is not an active member in any sort of kin spaces besides the roleplays he does with his friends. Vlinny's highest kin is Queen from Deltarune and is often seeing roleplaying as her the most. Vlinny is also the host of a system, however does not actively engage in the system community.

Vlinny was once a natural salesman, always willing to cut a deal. While he still bears a shadow of these traits, his deals are now often nonsensical or violent. He claims that he became a salesman not for the money, but for the freedom to make his own deals. However, he still attempts to scam Vinny for money (which he refers to as "Kromer") at every opportunity. His speech patterns are similar to typical obfuscated spam email text, with many words replaced with non sequitur variants in square brackets that could imply incorrectly-applied mail merge variables or hyperlinks, or various voice glitches.

In much of his dialogue, he seems mentally confused and insane, seemingly projecting himself onto Vinny, contradicting himself, and saying things which make little sense, without warning. This mental instability seems to clear up briefly after fighting him in his NEO form, as he wishes Vinny success with their journey without using broken English.

Vlinny consistently spells "generosity" as "genorisity," "guarantee" as "guaranttee," and "special" as "specil," with an exception for the latter at the end of the Vlinny NEO battle after snapping all the wires.

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